MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Martinsburg  Union Rescue Superintendent Pastor Timothy Guerino continues his mission work in Eastern Europe.   He is with a group of nurses and a doctor

who are on the ground providing aid to those suffering during the war in Ukraine.


“We are at the Romania and Ukraine border walking folks from Ukrainian to Romania and then providing food for them as they wait to go through the tents  to get help,” Pastor Tim wrote.

He relates the story of a young man he says “has been here in Romania for two months.  He was waiting for his two sisters to cross his sister just had the baby in Odessa the baby is two months old she had to leave her husband back there and Odessa.”

In an update a few hours later on Friday morning, Pastor Tim said he was likely going to have a long day, spending “the rest of the day here and tomorrow will be in Ukraine all day it’s gonna be a long day,” he said.  “Got to be down here by seven in the morning to catch the ferry over and we’re gonna be in the many  cities tomorrow.”

He closed his message with “God bless, Tim.”

Pastor Tim is asking the community back home for prayer.  Anyone who would like to support his mission work there or the Union Rescue Mission at home can go to

In the gallery, according to Pastor Tim, the pictures represent the “hundreds of people  … we take back-and-forth from Romania to Ukraine and Ukraine to Romania.”