WINCHESTER, VA — Valley Health, which operates War Memorial Hospital in Morgan County and Winchester Medical Center, announced Thursday that COVID-19 numbers are up significantly at all their hospitals. Carol Weare is
Public Relations Manager. She encourages residents to stay safe over the long holiday weekend.

A statement from Valley Health urges those with mild symptoms or who simply want a test to NOT go to the Emergency Department. Despite the current bottlenecks in testing, individuals are encouraged to locate tests through their primary care provider, an urgent care clinic or an at-home antigen test.

Valley Health Urgent Care locations do not offer COVID testing for asymptomatic patients who were exposed to COVID and only offer travel testing for individuals with a provider’s order.

Patient visitation at Valley Health hospitals remains at “Level Red” to reduce the risk of transmission between visitors, patients and caregivers. At this time, only approved Care Partners are permitted to visit hospitalized patients. “Social visiting” is not allowed, and those accompanying patients to outpatient appointments will be asked to wait in their cars.