MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Staff and space are strained at Berkeley and Jefferson Medical Centers as COVID-19 patients seek treatment.“(There’s a) high census at both hospitals. At Berkeley right now we have 54 inpatients with COVID diagnoses. Sixteen at Jefferson, so that’s 70 total across both hospitals.”

That’s Vice President Marketing & Development WVU Medicine Berkeley Medical Center, Jefferson Medical Center Teresa McCabe talking about Thursday’s Safety Call numbers at the two hospitals.

“Of the 19 patients in the ICU right now at Berkeley (Medical Center), 11 are in COVID patients, many on vents (ventilators)” McCabe said. “So there’s no way to say it other than, yes, the COVID patients we’re seeing at both facilities are sick, are very sick.”

She says some patients have to wait in the ER until a room becomes available. “The Emergency Department is extremely busy. We’re boarding patients that either need to be transferred to a higher level of care or need ICU beds that we don’t have available,” according to McCabe.

The hospital system is offering monoclonal antibody treatment at both facilities on an outpatient basis. Patients must have a doctor’s recommendation in order to receive the treatment.

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