MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Berkeley County Schools announced Thursday they will follow the guidance of the Berkeley/Morgan County Health Department’s Health Officer Dr. Kevin McLaughlin and send out weekly notices regarding when new case rates are high enough to warrant mask use on school properties.

Under McLaughlin’s plan, whenever new cases are above 62 in Berkeley County and above ten in Morgan County by the Friday of prior week –anyone indoors at a school (no matter if it is before, during or after the school day) will be required to wear a mask. This applies to anyone in a building on school property who is not alone in a room.

Berkeley County Superintendent Dr. Patrick Murphy says the new mandate won’t take effect until August 16th.

Updates will be posted on the Berkeley County Schools Website.

Morgan County Schools Superintendent Kristen Tuttle says, “This mandate will be on the Aug. 17 Board agenda for discussion and possible decision.”

The mask mandate only applies to school settings.

Dr. Kevin McLaughlin was a guest on Tuesday’s Panhandle Live. You can hear the full interview on our Panhandle Live Facebook page.