BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. — The Health Officer for Berkeley/Morgan County Health Departments released a letter yesterday saying he is requiring mask wearing in school buildings in the two counties under certain circumstances this school year.

Dr. Kevin McLaughlin tells the Panhandle News Network whenever new cases are above 62 in Berkeley County and above ten in Morgan County by the Friday of the week before –anyone indoors at a school (no matter if it is before, during or after the school day( will be required to wear a mask. This applies to anyone in a building on school property who is not alone in a room.

The Panhandle News Network reached out to the superintendents of both school systems.

Morgan County Schools Superintendent Kristen Tuttle says, “This mandate will be on the Aug. 17 Board agenda for discussion and possible decision.”

Berkeley County Director of Communications Elaine Bobo said, “We learned of it yesterday and will review and evaluate our next steps. Of course, our goal is a safe return for students and staff, and the ability to keep schools and classrooms open for learning and social supports.”

McLaughlin says the mandate only applies to schools.

You can see the letter on our WEPM & WCST The Panhandle Network Facebook page.

McLaughlin says the mandate only applies to schools, not businesses, recreational activities, government agencies, or other non-school related activities.

You can listen to the full interview with Dr. McLaughlin on our Panhandle Live Facebook page.