HAGERSTOWN, MD — The Hagerstown Police Department says they’re continuing to look into dirt bikes and other off-road vehicles being driven on city streets.
In a release this week, the department says it continues to investigate the use of dirt bikes and off road vehicles on city streets.

Citizens have told the department about “scary moments involving these riders.”

The department says the youth can be a “danger to themselves and others.”

“As you may have heard, a young rider recently crashed and now suffers from permanent brain damage,” according to the post on the department’s social media.

City police say they’ve confiscated some bikes and issued citations as they have identified riders. They say they appreciate the public who have heard the call to take pictures (when safe to do so) and get them to police at [email protected]
Hagerstown Police are reminding the public that
*Due to safety reasons, HPD will not chase or not risk personal injury to the rider or members of the public.
*Using spike strips is not a safe option and is against policy on motorcycles of any kind.
*Citations issued are traffic only. There is no criminal law that allows HPD to charge them otherwise unless there is destruction of property or other criminal act.
*HPD continues to work within the parameters of the law and their policies to identify people, charge as appropriate and confiscate bikes.
*HPD does not condone any acts of violence towards these riders by the public who may encounter them