MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Last year when a lot of Berkeley County residents were working and schooling at home, the Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority’s Clint Hogbin says they were filling tractor trailers full of plastics and paper faster than they could get them emptied some times.

Friday morning, though, Hogbin announced they are halting collection of all plastic containers and plastic bags at all locations:

“Plastic containers continue to be a topic where we’re having trouble finding affordable markets. It’s not just Berkeley County. It’s happening all over the country,” Hogbin tells the Panhandle News Network.

The Authority says the decision was not made lightly:

“We’ve always found another way, we’ve always worked hard behind the scenes to find another market. But the I’m afraid the current situation is not sustainable. And I hate to say that, but that’s just the realism. It’s more expensive than our budget supports.”

At this time, all plastic material will need to placed with your normal trash in Berkeley County. Hogbin says he takes some comfort in knowing some plastics will stay out of the waste stream in Berkeley County:

“If you are a subscriber to Apple Valley (Waste), it will be taken to Entsorga and Entsorga will use it for fuel. That’s definitely better than having it put in a landfill, and yes it does bring me some comfort that it’s not going to sit in a landfill for decades. Recycling is better alternative than even making fuel, and we would work hard to get it back,” Hogbin says.

Entsorga takes household waste and turns it into fuel.